Burn your brain 2013

What is Burn your brain 2013?

A giant brain suspended above the ground, interactive on the inside, and will go up in flames at Burning Man.

Imagine walking thru Black Rock City, or APOGAEA!, and appearing out of the dust clouds is a gigantic brain sculpture raised above the desert floor, seemingly floating above the ground, connecting to the playa only by its brain stem. After all of these years has the playa finally developed a mind of its own?

The giant brain is constructed of paper mache with a small metal structure for structural support and is 9 1/2 feet long by 6 1/2 feet wide and 5 feet tall, hollow on the inside, and raised so it stands at 9 1/4 feet at its tallest point, with the spinal cord connected to the support structure and extending down to the ground. The paper mache will be weather sealed and painted. It will be tall enough to allow easy access for everyone to the underneath, or inside of the brain.

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